Swift Healthcare Clinic Consultants Ltd

SWIFT HEALTHCARE CLINIC CONSULTANTS LIMITED is designed to establish, run, and carry on business as proprietors of hospitals/clinics consultants whether or not described as general hospitals, specials or specialist hospitals, long-term or short-term hospitals, or teaching or research hospitals.To establish, run and carry on business as proprietors of physician’s offices and clinics, or of any establishment where medical care and other services may be provided for sick or injured persons, or which may be described in any sense as a health establishment. To carry on business in all its ramifications of preserving and improving health, and of diagnosing, controlling, managing and curing ailments and defects. To carry on business as general physicians, surgeons, dental surgeons, plastic surgeons, gynaecologists, obstericians, paediatricians, dermatologists, orthopaedists, psychiatrists, cardiologists, neurologists, immunologists, pathologists, internists, and physicians of any description whatsoever.To provide and establish facilities and to run the same, whether as hospital units or as separate and autonomous homes and centres.To carry on business as rehabilitation specialists, and to provide all facilities necessary or desirable therefore.To carry on any or all the businesses of radiologists, laboratory technologists, hospice proprietors, mortuary proprietors, dealers in medical equipment and supplies, pharmaceutical chemists, and opticians.To carry on research and development work in medicine or any field.