Swift Air Aviation School Ltd


Flying a plane requires a significant amount of knowledge and skill, which must be learned. Flight school businesses teach individuals who are interested in flying the knowledge and skills they need to attain a private pilot license. Schools’ curriculums typically consist of both classroom instruction and flight time. At Swift Air Aviation School, we focus on the Classroom Instruction aspreparatory Classes for Prospective Pilot Students.

Our Aviation Foundation Courseoffers you a tailored curriculum developed by industry professionals to provide you with the best possible introduction into the theoretical aspects of aviation.

You will become familiar and gain the knowledge required to progress, with confidence, to full flight training.

This intensive course has been designed as a study pathway into accredited EASA pilot trainingin the UK and FAA in the United States of America.

Program Summary

In this course students will be introduced to European (EASA) and American (FAA) aviation theory and training components. Students will participate in class discussions, activities and workshops in an interactive and supportive learning environment.

The Aviation Foundation Course is delivered over 19 modules, each designed to develop student understanding in the areas of:-


  • 1. Air Navigation Services
  • 2. Airline Management
  • 3. Airline Operations,
  • 4. Quality Management
  • 5. Cargo & Logistics
  • 6. Aviation English
  • 7. Aircraft General Knowledge (Aeroplane and /or Helicopters)
  • 8. Principles of Flight (Aero and or Helicopter)
  • 9. Flight Performance and Planning (Aeroplane and or Helicopter)
  • 10. Meteorology (Weather)
  • 11. Air Law
  • 12. Communication (Flight Radio Telephony)
  • 13. Human Performance & Limitations
  • 14. Safety Management System
  • 15. Emergency Response Planning
  • 16. Aircraft Accident Investigation
  • 17. Aviation Human Factors
  • 8. Airside Safety
  • 19. Dangerous Goods

Aviation Foundation Course

Duration : - 8 Weeks

Price : 800,000 Including Registration and Deposit Fees

Location : Work & Connect, 50 EbituUkiwe Street, Jabi, Abuja


• Be at least 17 years ol

• Be able to demonstrate English language proficiency