Air Ambulance Services for Case Managers

Quick and efficient

You’ve probably heard the saying, “One Call Does It All.” Well, that is really all you need with Swift Air Ambulance Services Ltd. Our goal is to take the burden of transferring a patient off your shoulders so that you may concentrate on their care instead. Your flight coordinator will communicate all the details to you by whichever means you prefer: phone, fax, email, or text. We value your time.

To get started, all the information we need is:

Fill our Pre Flight Co-ordination form which includes the following

  • • The sending and receiving facilities details
  • • The date that you would like the transfer to take place
  • • A history and physical examination (H&P)
  • • A fact sheet
  • • Any insurance information available

Our team will contact the attending facility to obtain a complete medical report. Even if you don’t have a specific date or receiving bed, we can still start our process. Then, once those two final details are in place, we can accomplish the medical transfer as quickly as possible.

Seamless transition

Your Flight Coordinator will take care of everything and manage communications between your family, receiving and discharging facilities, physicians, case managers, admission personnel, flight teams, and airports. Furthermore, your coordinator will schedule ground transportation on both ends.