About Us

Welcome to Swift Air Ambulance Services Ltd. A professional Air Charter brokerage Company covering the provision of Medevac Charters. We securely transport patients anywhere in the world, by chartered jet, turboprop, propeller and commercial planes.

We offer competitive price options based upon the patient's condition, the distance to be travelled, the number of travelling companions and personal/medical preferences.

Multi-lingual Flight Coordinators and Customer Care Specialists are available around the clock to personally answer your questions and to help in any way possible to schedule your transport. We handle all of the details.

Our Air Ambulances function as compact intensive care units staffed with highly trained physicians, nurses, paramedics and respiratory therapists.

Our Air Ambulance service provides safe transport for a variety of patients and specializes in critical transports including:

  • ICU to ICU transfers (inter-hospital intensive care patients)
  • Ventilator-dependent patients
  • Cardiac emergencies
  • Multi-trauma cases
  • Spinal cord/head injury rehabilitation
  • Transplant recipients
  • Babies and children needing emergency medical attention

One call to Swift Air Ambulance Services Ltd takes care of all aspects of the transport, from bed to bed.

Based in Abuja, Nigeria, Swift Air Ambulance Services responds throughout the Country to medically transport patients to and from destinations throughout the World especially the resort cities of United Arab Emirates, London, Germany, USA, India, Egpyt etc.

Nothing is more important to us than compassionate care for our patients.

Swift Air Ambulance Services Ltd works diligently with you to deliver the highest quality Air Ambulance Services available at the most cost effective pricing possible.

Our first class medical transport services include our “personal touch” which is our way of saying nothing is too much to ask. We offer full “bedside-to-bedside” services from the most basic to critical care level.

Our services always include our “personal touch,” as we like to care for each patient. We are revolutionizing the air ambulance industry by utilizing some of the most cost effective aircrafts that are specially configured as mobile intensive care units.

Swift Air Ambulance Services Ltd. is a mobile intensive care provider that truly services the world. If you need to move a loved one in a compromised medical condition anywhere across the globe, we’re here to help. We have a team of friendly and knowledgeable flight coordinators standing by 24/7, ready to plan and oversee every detail of a patient’s medical transfer, including ground transportation in the departure and arrival cities, private aircraft transportation, and a personalized medical team.

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Mission Vision Values

Our mission is to provide professional, competent, compassionate patient care and transportation, with an endless dedication and commitment to safety and efficiency. Also to provide safe and reliable aero-medical transportation services to our clients at the most cost effective price while still focusing on delivering the highest quality family centered care and continuing quality improvement.