Communications Centre

Communications Centre staff answers phones directly, no answering services, every day of the year, 24 hours every day. Communications are person to person. Yes, we have great technology supporting our Communications Centre Team. When you call, a Team member answers, listens, asks questions and assures you by their knowledge and understanding that a solution is coming, soon.

During ALL air ambulance and commercial medical escort services, a member of the Communications Centre Team updates at every step the customer, family or friends, ground transportation, sending and receiving facilities and physicians, any one and any organization that has a vested interest in the mission.

That stated, we also respect privacy, and no unauthorized individual or organization shall receive ANY information about any Swift Air Ambulance Services customers and patients.

All air ambulance and commercial medical escort flights are shown live in the Communications Centre as they progress. The display is their altitude, speed and direction. We can contact our air ambulances directly. Well ahead, we know of any delays or airport diversions and make immediate adjustments with ground ambulances or transportation, customs and immigration, airport services, sending and receiving facilities and update the customer, family or friends.